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Notification of Information Collection

Gable Games may collect certain information about you or your children when you or your children (henceforth, "you") play one of our games. Certain information is provided by you, voluntarily. Other information is collected automatically.

Automatic Collection of Information

Gable Games will automatically collect the following types of information about you when you play our games:


  • Unique identifiers related to your specific gaming devices

  • Information about the operating system, drivers, and system specifications of your specific gaming devices

  • Automatically generated encryption keys which we generate and use for providing you with a secure gaming experience

  • Various debugging information generated by our games, which may include small portions of the contents of system RAM to which our games have been granted access by your operating system

  • IP address and network information required to provide access to our gaming services

  • In-game interactions such as performance, scores, key presses, mouse clicks, etc

  • Automatically generated transaction information during the course of any transaction you complete with us

Voluntary Collection of Information

Gable Games will also collect voluntary information from you as you play our games or use our gaming services. This includes information such as:


  • Names, nicknames, handles, or other methods of personal reference or identity which you enter into our games and/or services

  • Age information you choose to share with us

  • Contact information you choose to share with us, including but not limited to E-mail addresses, phone numbers, and/or mailing or residency addresses

  • Any and all communications you choose to have with us, regardless of mode or method

  • In-game conversations, interactions, and shared content with other players

  • Payment information you provide for the purpose of completing transactions with us

Information Sharing

At this time, Gable Games does not share ANY information with third parties, except as needed in order to facilitate providing you with your requested game services, or as required by law.


Gable Games may share limited amounts of automatically collected information and/or limited amounts of the information you provide about yourself or your children in certain circumstances, such as:


  • With a third-party operated support / help desk / ticketing system for the purpose of providing you support services

  • With a third-party operated billing system for the purpose of collecting payments due

  • With a third-party operated hosting solution for providing services related to operating our games, including (but not limited to) various cloud service providers

  • With law enforcement services when served with a valid subpoena


Gable Games will not intentionally, under any circumstance:


  • Share your information with an advertiser

  • Share your information with a marketer

  • Share your information with data aggregation / data mining services

  • Share your information with other third parties who are unrelated to our specific core activity of providing you with great gaming experiences

  • Share information with any third-party service which is not strictly necessary for that third-party service to provide the necessary services

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