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Massively Multiplayer Online RPG Open World Survival Sandbox Video Game: Survival Ascension

Survival Ascension will feature a massively multiplayer online environment. As an MMO, you will interact with other players within the game world. You will compete for territory, resources, and survival. When you log out of the game, your character will remain in the game and will be susceptible to attack. It will be important to build up appropriate defenses to protect your assets, possessions, and your character's life.

Like other survival games, you will be able to construct defensive structures. With enough time and technology, they can even automatically defend you. However, in real life, even today, we do not have lethal automatic defensive technologies widely deployed. Defensive technologies are generally operated by people. And so, just like in real life, the same will be true in the game.

Survival Ascension is truly a "choose your own adventure" style game. While you will start out as an untrained barbarian, your skills will develop as you use them. As your basic skill and technology level progresses, new skill options will emerge. Want to be a rock climber? Start with scaling large hills and climbing trees. As you get better, move on to tougher challenges until you can free-climb a cliff. Want to be a pirate? Steal, buy, or build a boat and sail the seas pirating and pillaging anyone in your path! Want to lead a great civilization to glory? Acquire some land and start your own civilization!

As a civilization leader, you can plan out where your people can build different types of buildings and how many they can build of each. You can lay out where city walls, gates, and towers should be placed, and give priority to different building types. Some basic rules of life may override your priorities and attempts to micromanage your population. For example, if your citizens are hungry or thirsty, they will fulfill those needs before doing work for you. If they have no shelter, your people will prioritize building more shelters wherever you have designated for them to build a shelter. If you mistreat your people, they can even become unhappy, riot, and revolt.

Your people will naturally barter and trade with each other to fulfill their individual needs. As your civilization progresses, your people will move on to using more universally desirable resources as the basis of trade. Eventually, you will be able to designate a standard currency.

As the leader of your people, you will be able to tax them and use those taxes to hire guards or raise an army. You can post guards along walls and gates to automatically defend your territory. You can even use your conscripted army to attack other players.

Stay tuned for more to come in the next post about how player-vs-player combat works.

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