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Character Customization

I've spent the past several days working on character customization for Survival Ascension. I would like for players to be able to customize every aspect of their characters. My intent is to provide a multitude of base characters to start from. The character customizer will then allow you to apply a multitude of morphs to the base character to make it your own. You should be able to customize at least the following things:

- Body shape: lean, fit, average, obese, voluptuous, scrawny, tall, short, etc

- Length of body parts: arms, legs, torso, neck, etc

- Depth and width of chest cavity

- Hips: depth, width, height, position, rotation

- Face: eye style (round, sharp, wide, squinty, etc), eye color, nose shape, lip style, chin, cheekbones, cheeks, ears, hair, etc

- Age: younger and tighter skin fit, older and saggier skin, wrinkles, age spots, cellulite, etc

- Body art: tattoos, piercings

- Skin color and texture

These are my list of "must haves" in my character customizer. It will take me a long while to build all this into the character customizer, so it is something I will be working on over a long period of time. In addition, I have to build out new character models which support all these customizations.

Because I am planning a global release, I am also planning to support starting characters which celebrate the diversity of human genetic variations. There won't be just one starting female and one starting male character. My intent is to build as many different ethnicities into the starting characters as I can manage. Ultimately, I am constrained in that regard by both time and budget. So, while I may only start with a small number of options, my hope is to have that list of options keep growing over time. Hopefully, the body morphs and skin customizations will help to fill in the gaps where I am missing good base models for all the multitude of different skin colors and body shapes which exist in this diverse world.

In the meantime, here is a teaser of a character I have been working with, which may make it into the game...

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